Why this old white guy is different from other old white guys.


Oddly enough, diversity.

Every day new media appears that changes the landscape, using new technology to connect in new ways we never could have imagined before. 

Some are smart. Some are terrible. Some are smart but people are using them terribly.

This guy, he’s really good at understanding them. The old and the new. The traditional and the alternative. The digital and the analog. The cool and the not so cool any more. The outrageous and the functional. The quick and the dead.

Not the gimmick of them, but what makes humans use them.

And then he’s really good at figuring out how to craft meaningful creative for them. Sometimes, when he’s lucky, creative that really only works in that media. 

Not digital media that should have been tv spots.

Or guerilla events that should have been print ads.

Or tv spots that should have been snapchat filters.

And never creative that you could insert any brand name into.

You want stuff like that, there’s a million other people to call.

You want something better, something that maybe doesn’t exist yet, something that will resonate with your customers days, weeks, months later - you call him. 

Because game-changing ideas don't begin with tactics, they end with them.