Some of the agencies I've worked with:


Affect• Agency 5 O’Clock• Alcone• Amplitude• Animal Joy • APC• Automatic Pictures• BlueBlack Group • BOOMERS$ • Boxing Clever• Brand Intersection• Brownstein Group• BRZoom• Catapult• Chalice• Circle One • Colangelo• Concept One• Confluence • D4• Daymon• Delicious Design League• Dentsu• Deutsch• DiMassimo Goldstein• Domus• Dotted Line• East West• Einson Freeman • Electric Enjin• EMAK • Engine Room • Epsilon• Euro • First Protocol• Frankel • GMR• Group 360• Havas • Havas Lynx• Hawkeye• Hyperbolic• Iginite 2X• Inspira• Integer• Jack Morton • Lead Dog• Liquid Intelligence • Luckie• LPK• Marketing Drive • MediaVest• Mio• MisterFace• Momentum• Mooslyvania• Motiv• Munroe• Next POV • The NOW Connection• Oink Inc• Origin• Paradowski• Pinnacle• The Proof Agency• Quintet • Razor • Red Peg• Renegade• Response• Revolution Digital• Rio• Ryan Partnership • Saatchi X• SAI • Shake • Shaw • The Shop • Shoptology• Snap • Source• Studio Analogous• Storm Surge Media• Sugar • TBA• Team Pro-Am • THEM• Think 360 • Tipton & Maglione• TPN• Tracy Locke• Tribe Pictures• Trisect• Ultra Creative• US Concepts• Velocity • Wasabi • Yahoo! • Zipatoni