Some nice things people have said about me:



I've spent my whole career around marketing and consider myself a fairly serious student of the discipline. For all I've ever read or heard about how marketing and brands work, Martin said the thing that tops my list to this day: That brands live in people's heads. That idea led me down a path that I still thank him for to this day.”- Noah Brier – Co-Founder, Percolate

“Martin is simply a strategic and creative force to be reckoned with. He works tirelessly to go beyond the obvious to find ideas that surprise and delight in the conference room and - more importantly -  get the job done in the real world. AND he's a damn good guy, to boot.”– Tom Lynch - On-Premise Business Consultant, Diageo Guinness USA

“Martin's reviews are invariably better written than the books under scrutiny.  And, in his interviews, he's usually a lot smarter and more informative than the person he's questioning.  (Well, he was when he did me.)”– Steve Harrison – former Worldwide Creative Director at Wunderman, & winner of the Cannes LionsDirect Grand Prix as well as three gold, five silver and two bronze Lions.

“This guy is brilliant. And honest. And tall. And funny. No, wait, that’s me. Martin Bihl? Never heard of him. Is he in the theatre?” - Abraham Lincoln – 16th President of the United States of America

“I’ve known Martin a few years, now. I usually get invited to meet him for a drink once or twice a year, which is not uncommon in our business. What is uncommon however, is me actually going for drinks. I’m not into schmoozing. I’m socially ill equipped. I find bars and crowded places mildly traumatizing. But I always meet Martin, and I do so for the most self-serving of reasons. Because whenever I meet him, I learn something. A different viewpoint, a deeper insight, a constructive measured argument. And that I’m not alone in my passion for the business. Also there’s wine.”– Kash Sree– ECD at Gyro; Former CCO at SS+K, ECD at Pereira & O'Dell, ECD at JWT, GCD at BBH

“Martin is a good thinker. In our business that's exactly what counts. He knows what he's doing. He's smart and talented and a great writer and very creative. You should know him!”– Gideon Amichay - Founder of No, No, No, No, No, Yes and former Chief Creative Officer, Joint Managing PartnerShalmor Avnon Amichay Y&R